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MolliGen is a database dedicated to the comparative genomics of bacteria belonging to the class Mollicutes.
MolliGen provides annotated sequence data and analysis for 76 genomes belonging to 51 species. The MolliGen database provides genome and genetic element pages, homology relationship defined by various methods, pre-computed statistics, metabolic pathways, and a huge collection of tools for exploring and comparing genomes.
Most genomes included in MolliGen are public genomes retrieved from databases such as EMBL or GenBank. A private access to store, analyze and compare your favorite unpublished genome in MolliGen, is available upon request.
We are working hard at maintaining this server for the scientific community. If you found this server useful for your research we would appreciate if you cite the MolliGen database. Mention our NAR manuscript and this server name and URL :
Barré A., de Daruvar A. and Blanchard A. (2004). MolliGen, a database dedicated to the comparative genomics of Mollicutes. Nucleic Acids Res. 32, Database issue, D307-310 [NAR full text] URL : http://www.molligen.org
Please contact us for any question, comment or suggestion that could help improving MolliGen.

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