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Metabolomic Repository Bordeaux

CGFB University of Bordeaux INRA
MeRy-B - objective

MeRy-B is a plant metabolomics platform allowing the storage and visualisation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) metabolic profiles from plants. For data uploading contact the administrator.

MeRy-B is a web-based application with either public or private access. It is designed to:
  • - fill a knowledgebase of curated plant profiles and metabolites obtained by NMR,
  • - query and visualize the data,
  • - detect biomarkers with spectra visualization and statistical tools,
  • - assist in biomarker identification.

It contains plant metabolites and unknown compounds lists with information about experimental conditions and metabolite concentrations from several plant species compiled from a thousand of curated annotated NMR profiles on various organs or tissues.

How to cite us:
    Ferry-Dumazet H, Gil L, Deborde C, Moing A, Bernillon S, Rolin D, Nikolski M, de Daruvar A, Jacob D. (2011)
    MeRy-B: a web knowledgebase for the storage, visualization, analysis and annotation of plant NMR metabolomic profiles.
    BMC Plant Biology 2011, 11:104

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